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 Students or any Person can develop their creative Ideas in to valuable Inventions and also manage their Ideas & Inventions using specially designed Tools,techniques  & Templates available inside Inventor Tool boxes provided exclusively . Inventors (persons with just Ideas) ,Mentors (subject matter specialists )  and Sponsors  can share details under a single platform .

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Vision :


Stay ahead by encouraging  individuals to work on their ideas for valuable inventions , synergise , effectively utilize and continual improvement of  resources among all the 6 major stake holders ( 10 total stake holders) in the interest of building a strong nation with next generation science, technology & management  as the front line.



Mission :


Million ideas in 5 years in science ,technology, managements, methods, manufacturing ,services, products, processes, etc. pooling up collective wisdom

To be the number one platform for connecting inventors, mentors, Donors ,  protos,  Jv / Patents , open Innovation /R&D with each others to work as a team on their goals on reciprocal advantages.

Endeavor to enable , train & support persons with ideas to elevate from ideas to valuable invention for a new purpose in their lives.

To contribute towards improvement of India's inventive index position by creating invention awareness among people as social responsibility.

Being the nation of largest population of young minds ,enabling them to unleash their true potential ideas towards contributing building a strong nation  initiative with honest & Integrity.

A movement endeaver to shift paradigm from unemployment to self-employment taking the urban as well as rural population nation wide irrespective  of literacy level barrier with ideas in the front line.

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Great Innovation movement

We have movements, marathon runs for various good causes for Blood donation camps, Organ donations, eye donations,  green movement , etc. and why not an  Idea movement  . But, when I use the word scientific many of us disengage saying that it is some one else cup of tea. It is inevitable for all of us to use the word Idea & Invention . It is for every one of us. We all have a role to play. There are no complex problems which caused to stand where we are in the global scenario. It is as simple as an attitude issue .  Which can be easily be changed by practice. We welcome  every individual to join this movement.  With all your involvement, this movement can be taken across the country on large scale. Those who complain that there are no opportunities, this site is an out  let .

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalaam

“Why does a nation of 1.27 billion people, think like that of a million people.?”

Our attitude needs a paradigm shift . Let us turn the table like, when others can , why not me? Let us tell to the world loudly that  the Indian Crab metaphor is  false.



We Enable, Train & Support 

We are unique 1st of it’s kind attempts to place stake holders like persons with Ideas (as Inventors) , Experts from various fields (as mentors), Donors  , Individuals / companies looking for Patents  / JV , Companies in tech scouting / offering open Innovation and SME’s (Proto type makers) under  single platform. A robust system enables all these  6 main verticals ( 10 detailed verticals ) to interact with each other on needs basis. Members of every vertical can contribute at their will /  take away what they want from other verticals.

You will see us a Blog / Match maker / B2C / Pool of stake holders ,but we are delivering compounding effect of all with enabling, training & supporting and that is our strength.


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Meant for whom ?:


Mentors :

Donors  :

JV / Patents / IP Licenses :            

Companies inviting inventors for open Innovation /  R&D :

Proto makers :    

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Inventor vertical

1. Those who feel that there are no opportunities around them to make the best use of their ideas.

2. Those who feel that they have abundant of ideas but, looking out for a momentum to kick start their engine .

3. Professional Scientists who are willing to work on personal multiple projects apart from their assigned

4. Young minds who has an urge to achieve some thing innovative

5. Individuals who feels that lots around them need to change / Improve on day in and day out basis

6. The ones who always think that, some thing has to be done to come out of the situation currently we are in

7. Qualified individuals who wants to make best use of their knowledge at their spare time .

8. Working professionals who wants to work on their own ideas in parallels during leisure times

9. Existing inventors who are stuck in the mid way for want of further support by means of technical expertise, funds, etc.

10.Collaborate with mentors of best in the fields, serious investors who are ready to sail along with you, Individuals / firms who are looking for licenses/ToT  from you, Explore possibilities of JVs, large firms who wants to count you as freelance research candidate on their R&D initiatives / open invention.

11.Young entrepreneurs who are ambitious to realize their own innovative business ideas.

12. Ideas are not restricted to science / technology alone. It is wide open to any field.

13. Retired persons, house wives, etc. has a crucial role to play  

14. No restriction of Age, caste, creed , education / no education , profession ,Gender and geographical location.

15.It is not only for tech savvy’s but, for inventors whose literacy levels are far below using internet for that matter.

16. Existing / new research units want to follow a collaborative approach to support their research

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Mentor vertical :

1.Professional Subject matter specialists who wants to mentor inventors  for a fee / free

2.Experts who wants to share their knowledge & experience for a good cause

3.Experts who are looking for opportunities to take part in R&D activities of companies on open invention basis

4.Science, engineering, technology, Business, management, personality, finance , medical ,yoga, sports, health fitness and beauty , etc. Gurus who wish to be hired on need base as freelancers

5.Experts who wants to share their expertise for nation building social cause & motivate inventors

6.Experts who wants to carry out inventions by joining hands with like minded ones

7. Trainers to make their networks stronger and expand their influence.

8. Collaborate with Inventors looking for knowledge support , serious investors who wants to take your financial advices ,Explore possibilities of JVs, large firms who wants to count you as freelance research candidate on their R&D initiatives / open invention.

9. Growth opportunity for consultants of all fields of their businesses

10. NGOs who wants to popularize idea to invention as one of their new agenda supporting persons who are non tech savvy’s.

11. Think tanks, engineers, medical doctors, consultants, trainers,Authors ,technicians ,therapists and numerous other tittles not limited

12. Experts who are willing to take part in technology scouting for large companies as freelancers

13. Mentors can have the opportunity to become co inventor by joining hands with main inventors and support them.


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Donors vertical  :

1. Individual / institutional /Corporate Donors willing to sponsor inventors at the early stage of research and take it forward on long term basis up to scaling up levels.

2. Donors can Collaborate with Inventors looking for monetory support , serious mentors  who wants to give financial consultancies ,Explore possibilities of JVs / Patents / Licenses  with industries on their financial need base , large existing firms who wants support for outstanding mega Inventions might approach you.     

3. Donors may be from corporates who wants to Involve theire employees as volunteers as part of CSR activities are most welcome to support Ideas development, Invention phase, Skill development training from urban to remotest villages across the nation . 

4. Donors / Sponsors  who are willing to support underprivilaged 

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 JV / Patents / Licenses vertical:            

1. Companies of same field of business willing to merge for reciprocal advantage to win the competition

2. Large industries willing to take over small players on the same business lines on win –win basis

3. SME’s willing to expand for next level by inviting joint ventures / Financiers

4. National players intending to become global players by tying up with overseas companies / finances.

5. Proprietorship firms intending to invite partners for financial / strategic advantages   to thrust faster growth

6. Collaborate with persons seeking Joint ventures / M&A , Mentors of best in the fields to guide you on your way, Inventors willing to transfer licenses / ToT, serious investors who are willing for JV on your business , Existing firms  who wants to count you on JV/ M&A basis for their expansion on win-win basis.

7. Firms who wants to be approached by Inventors vice versa for reciprocal advantages

8. Firms intending to diversify in to new lucrative future business opportunities

9. Companies looking for collaboration on technology front / strategy front

10.Over seas companies trying to establish regional level market networks. 

11. Large Companies looking for Tier1 and Tier 2 vendors to off load their capacities

12.Large companies looking for SME’s to function as ancillary units for them on exclusive basis 


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Open innovation  / R&D vertical :

1. Companies handling several R&D initiatives simultaneously can off load their invention initiatives on the basis of  Open invention and announce through the web site for interested professional inventors / mentors to approach them.

2. Companies can extend their R&D division out side their premises by counting freelance inventors & mentors

3. Companies who are serious about break through inventions happening around them can invite inventors for Tot/Licensing 

4. Early stage companies who can not offered for full fledged R&D facility until they scale up their operations can make use of out sourced inventors / mentors who are not part of regular work force ,but functions on need base.

5. Companies Intending to appoint Inventors / mentors for technology scouting

6. Large companies who want to off load portions of their R&D initiatives to professional inventors on need base

7. Companies intending to use experts on need base at various fields and not on their permanent R&D payroll.

8. Companies who are in particular for out of box thinking to support their business from external think tanks

9. Companies looking for external management gurus, subject matter specialists, trainers and consultants for specific assignments

10.Companies who are not restricting only for R&D functions, but also for various management initiatives like operational efficiency, quality / statutory compliance certifications, scaling up and so on.

11.Large Companies intending for inviting Tier 1,Tier 2  and ancillary vendor (suppliers ) networks from SME segment to work for them.

12.Collaborate with  mentors of best in the fields to support your open invention initiatives/can be hired on need base,  Professional Inventors looking for new project & take part with your R&D initiatives as freelancers, serious investors who wants to invest on your new projects ,Explore possibilities of JVs / M&A  and proto makers to whom you can off load you can off load your proto type manufacturing .

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Proto makers vertical:      

1. SME’s who are specialized in their field willing to take up protype making as a new business opportunity from inventors

2. New units who are willing to make money on their surplus capacities and increase their capacity utilization until they scale up their production lines

3. Companies willing to accept sub contracting to occupy their capacities and want to become Tier1 / Tier 2 vendors (suppliers ) for large companies.

4. Collaborate with mentors of best in the fields to improve your business, Inventors looking for knowledge support , serious investors who wants to take your financial advices ,Explore possibilities of JVs, large firms who wants to count you as freelance research candidate on their R&D initiatives / open invention.

5. Proto makers may have an opportunity to join hands with inventors and become a co inventor and support them .


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Input Vs Output

Input :

As a member You will update details in  to your own vertical.   Profile & Contact details are mandatory , where as rest of all other details are selective


As an Inventor  :

Your new Ideas on daily basis, which you want to take it forward towards valuable invention. You can use the web space & tools for continuing your R&D at  your web space provided to you. You can post your need for funds and mentor support, Willing to take part in Open invention which will attract investors, mentors, companies looking for ToT/ License.



As an Donor  :

 Your willingness to invest new ideas & Inventions in to a potential Ideas . What are all the Donation  options & terms you are going to make available for stake holders. Your specializations.  Your readiness for Patents  / JV. Which will attract Inventors and  M&A/JV seekers.


As a mentor :

Your specialization ,Credentials ,achievements in various fields , Educational qualifications and  success stories. Your willingness to conduct training program at various domains, mentoring for inventors, operate as open invention & tech scouting free lancers, availability and fee structure. Which will attract Inventors, Open invention companies , Patents /JV seekersz & proto makers.


As a M&A / Patents / Licenses seeker :

Your Company / self  back ground, strength, credentials and due deligences. Reason for opting Patents  / JV ? Your capacity levels existing & proposed.  Which will attract Inventors, Proto makers & open invention companies.


As a Protomaker :

Your profile as  a service based company like  design ,etc or  manufacturing company. Your  strength, credentials, capabilities and track record . Your capacity levels existing & proposed. Your surplus capacities and willingness to get work  as a Tier 1 / Tier 2 vendor / supplier to large companies. Which will attract Inventors, Patents / JV seekers, mentors and open invention companies.


As Open Innovation / R&D company  :

Your invitation on open invention, tech scouting at various fields to inventors , mentors as external free lance researches . Your interest  in joining hands with inventors on their new ideas / Inventions . Which will attract inventors, mentors, Investors, Proto makers and Patents /JV seekers.



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Output :

Which you can get benefited  from other verticals  : ( By Default Profile & contact details can be seen ) Rest of details are selective on case to case basis.


From Inventors vertical :

What are all the new ideas under R&D stage by various inventors ? Who are in need of funds & need for mentorship ? Who are all Inventors with their profile ready to take part in Open invention / Tech scouting for you? Who are willing to share their inventions on TOT / License basis at early stage. 


  From Donors vertical:

Who are all the Investors, their profiles and which field of Ideas / Inventions they are willing to fund ? Inventors interested for Patents  / JV. Their various funding options & terms .


From mentors verticals:

Who are all the subject matter specialists (trainers )  at various fields ready to share their expertise . Specialists willing to take up Open invention / R&D , Tech scouting as freelancers .  Their  achievements , track records and availability to you on what basis?


From Patents / JV verticals:

What are all  Companies / Individuals willing for M&A / JV due to what  reasons? Their strength, credentials & current status. Due diligences.  Their capacity levels existing & proposed.


 From Proto maker verticals :

What are all  Companies involved in protype making ? Whether service based companies for design ,etc or  manufacturing companies. Their strength, credentials, capabilities and track record . Their capacity levels existing & proposed. Their surplus capacities and think of off loading / out source your requirements as a Tier 1 / Tier 2 vendor / supplier.



From Open Innovation  / R&D verticals:

Who are all the companies offering for open invention, tech scouting and need for external freelance researchers to operate from out side ? Their fields of interest. Companies interested in taking part with new ideas / Inventions  sothat you can approach them with your ideas? 



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