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"Vision 2020" Gathering all the Indians Under one roof with one Goal - Following the foot prints of our beloved Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to see India as a Super power & Greatest economy by 2020.  



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Regular Yoga classes happening periodically by direct means at various centres as well as through online . Pre recorded Videos on various yogas choices will help you to choose the topic of your choice at the time convenient for you and you may precatice on your own, but keeping regular touch with the masters as better practice. 

We take effort to shape the person comple and on the whole and hence, followed by Tuitions/educations and Skill development , we focus on yoga . Yoga is the soultion for complete hormony of Mind,Body and Soul. This is how we can reinvent the past glory of our nation. 


You can start with basics and elevate up to master level over a period of time. You may also wish to take part with our research on treating using Ancient Yogic method . 


We treat major illnesses through Ancient Yogic method and continous research & developments are going on to extend the coverage to more disases. You will come to know during the program that how the treatment works and what basis this system works. 




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Students or any Person can develop their creative Ideas in to valuable Inventions and also manage their Ideas & Inventions using specially designed Tools,techniques  & Templates available inside Inventor Tool boxes provided exclusively . Inventors (persons with just Ideas) ,Mentors (subject matter specialists )  and Sponsors  can share details under a single platform . 


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10 commandments of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

1. I will pursue my education or the work with dedication and I will excel in it.

2. From now onwards, I will teach at least 10 persons to read and write those who cannot read and write.

3. I will plant at least 10 saplings and shall ensure their growth through constant care.

4. I will visit rural and urban areas and permanently wean away at least 5 persons from addiction and gambling.

5. I will constantly endeavour to remove the pain of my suffering brethren.

6. I will not support any religious, caste or language differentiation.

7. I will be honest and endeavour to make a corruption free society.

8. I will work for becoming an enlightened citizen and make my family righteous.

9. I will always be a friend of the mentally and physically challenged and will work hard to make them feel normal, like the rest of us.

10. I will proudly celebrate the success of my country and my people. 


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About us


Robust system :

We put Inventors , Donors ,Mentors , JVs / Licenses , Open innovation -R&D projects  and  proto manufacturers together in single plat form , to enable them to take up their proposal forward by uploading their profiles, updating periodically based on progress , sharing ,developing , seeking support on 1 to 1 basis and successfully reach their destination on need base.

We are unique by way of completing the cycle as a close loop start from inventors to mentors to Donors  in to businessmen and Proto manufacturers  . Each vertical needs the other to move to next level. Each vertical is indispensable for innovation & growth. Innovation is inevitable.

Members have full freedom with regard to accessibility meant for vertical for which they have signed for.   The verticals are linked to give a clear road map for a prospective inventor  with a right start and going forward up to a stage of building a sizable business enterprise.

We believe that technology can only help to improve the way of functioning, it can not be a barrier. Hence, to break that barrier and extend the opportunity for every individual. The barriers may be non availability of internet at remote locations for which we are supporting through a software released through CD. Another barrier of non being a tech savvy to get in to computer based operations, we are introducing services through postal / written communication which are paper based correspondences supported with discussions  through telephone . The last but not the least is the language barrier, such correspondences need not be only in English, it can also be any local Indian language (Under unavoidable circumstances )


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                                                                    MY TUITIONS 

Tuitions / Coaching classes are conducted on regular basis on the subjects, classes and Languages of your own choice . You can either Join with already running group or can begin a fresh group with your own team members / Class mates. You can also choose to be an Individual who wants to learn on specific topics of any class or any Subject. There are Direct 1: 1 Interactive video sessions and pre recorded sessions libraray on various topics.

There are also Coachings provided for competative exams . 

For the convenience of students who do not have computer tuitions are likely to be conducted Off line also, various means of possibilities are still being explored. We have opened up the opportunities for every one. It is now in your hands to make use and excel in your performance. 

Every student deserves the right to get best education and knowledge Irrespective of socio economic limitations . Quality education is the birth right of every Indian . But, OUR TUTIONS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A MERE BOOK WORM, (Which is why many of the students find them selves as less competative for employability) RATHER WE  ADOPT  MORE PRACTICAL APPROACH TO SHARPEN YOUR LEARNING SKILLS WITH REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES .  

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                                            MY SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 

You may wish to Develop new skills to make you employable. The skills of your Interest may be Soft skills / Hard skills there are no limitations aboout it. You can Indicate what ever the skills you want to get your self mastered you are at liberty. Skill development programs of being conducted periodically on the most common and need of the hour fields. You may wish to join with such regular programs by registering your self. Incase of specislised skill which does not find a place in our program , you may have to wait for a little time until we make arrangement as special cases. 

It does not matter whether you are a student / unemployed youth With fast changing technology, you can update your knowledge & skills in the latest state of art developments that are happening in your own field to make you more competative. In the end after the skill development program of your choice , you will become the more preferred candidate by any employer. 

There are no barriers on your education back grounds or your past credentials. We want to be Instrumental for the generation of largest number of highly Intellectual skilled manpower , which is the need of the hour to make our country a super power.

At the end of the program you may wish to choose for employment or start a new carrer as an entreprenuer of your own. Our Proposed state of art training centres  shall equip the equipments & machineries with latest technology to give you the cutting edge with the technology with the world out there and they are being constantly upgraded to match the best in the world. 

Now, the Ball is in your court to add what value for your country on your actions to take this country forward. 

These Programs are also designed suitably to make it either On-line or Off-line to suit your convenience. 


For  Open Innovation and  R & D


Members of this vertical are medium & large companies, who may or may not find a need for permanent R&D dept.  Being a running company you have several R&D projects running parallelly  many a times. On need base they can out source a portion of R&D work on any project or they can out source that entire project on the whole from scratch . such projects will be listed. Interested Inventors, mentors can form a tie up with companies on need base to carry out inventions and can get rewarded paid on win win basis. In a nut shell companies can get the benefit of excellence in R&D needs by not investing on a permanent in house R&D set up. The mentor who has won the R&D contract can carry out the R&D through our web site by entering as inventor. Companies like you will agree and appreciate that there are great minds out side your company and you need technology scouts and  their services at times of R & D and operational bottlenecks.

Same way need for experts for management consultancy, training programs ( technical training / management training,etc.) & various assignments .

Off late Companies started realizing that open innovation is ideal, faster & cost effective way by integrating with their R&D and need not hire on permanent staff with hefty pay checks. No company is offered to pay to the world’s greatest minds on permanent basis. But, through open source they can access them on need base. All that the companies need are a facilitator and moderate research team to coordinate. The biggest advantage is that most of such experts accepts pay checks only if they succeed in results with in time lines. But , that is not possible in case of permanent staff. Especially in R&D time lines & dead lines can not be compromised.

You can only get the blue print / consultations on need base for your challenging task and execution can be managed at your in-house to make it cost effective.

Suddenly your company may be forced to complete large number of one time R &D projects to win the competition, you have no time & can not afford to hire greatest minds on permanent basis.

Only if the R & D succeeds, you may be willing to invest on plant, machinery & resources. But, with out resources, you can not start R&D. Under such circumstances open sourced experts will have access to the resources you may need on only temporary basis. There are also proto makers verticals in all fields , whom you can assign the task of execution until you succeed your R &D. Most business leaders believe that number of ongoing inventions and patents they own is critical to the value chain of their organization.  To register click here …….



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For inventors



This vertical serves as a platform for any inventor (In our platform any person who has loads of meaningful idea is accepted as an inventor) . We are creating a virtual office to enable you to administer your invention on daily basis . you may wish to carry out various analysis for which free custom built software tools are available , you can update & monitor your progress and maintain log book . Being an inventor you will be guided systematically to elevate your ideas to valuable inventions by free custom built softwares tools at your own space  / methodologies provided exclusively for your own invention. The objective of  this vertical is to enable, train, support and mentor the sprouting inventors to come out with successful inventions. Enabling the inventor to list down his pool of ideas on day to day basis, training them to use various tools & techniques and move ahead strongly on their ideas in to implementation. In the process, if they need mentoring they are free to approach the mentors and finally on successful completion of their invention they can patent it on need base. Inventive idea can be a product , process, software, hardware and any novel idea towards any thing meaningful & responsible. There is prototype makers  vertical which is critical for inventors. Business houses who are thriving for invention also can enter as an inventor.

The idea can be from any field or industry no restriction. You may also wish to upload your pending patents or patent grants mentioning it’s status like provisional filed or complete specification filed.

When you come across inventing  on cutting edge technologies there are chances most likely that your invention may be one of the most wanted technology for a large company. Who may be desperate to make a deal for TOT or JV or license from you. To register click here .  

For the convenience of persons who do not have access to internet we extend our support by offline also. After all Ideas & Inventions are every ones birth right.

Ideastoolbox is meant for Young inventors (who are called Idea-stars) ,whose main objective is to collect spontaneous ideas & manage with those ideas so that over a period of time they can freeze on to a most suitable idea for taking forward towards invention stage .It is a trial room which given a small walk through experience. . After finalizing on a particular idea for invention, they will register them selves with Regular inventor .

Where as , Inventor software toolbox  is meant for Regular inventors who are firmly working on their invention on a particular idea which has been arrived by them while they were working as Young inventor (Idea-star). Persons who are confident with their ideas can also skip Young inventor stage & directly start working as regular inventors .

For Donors 


This vertical comprises pool of Donors  who are eagerly looking for lucrative inventive ideas to sponsor . Being Donors you are free to join with inventors at any stage of invention and work out terms comfortable to each other . Most Donors prefer to gain early bird advantage with inventors . Most of the times, Inventors are individuals who need sizable funding for proving their invention with a prototype/working model at the completion stage.

Inventors are eager to move their invention on fast track. Hence, they are ready to take the advantage of collective wisdom from mentors.  Time id the critical control point. You can not offered to have your own sweet time. Being with the research is a safe sailing for them , so that they will be aware of is there any body else developing the same idea what they are in to. Build your laboratory record room in our Ideainnovation . Innovation mobile phone App is your best any time idea bank to record your spontaneous ideas . ( Eureka reinforces that bath rooms are not exceptions for Ideas to emerge ) to register click here ….

For mentors


       Members of this vertical are subject matter specialists, scientists, researchers, Professors, faculties of famous universities,  Industry veterans ,technology scouts,through leaders and think tanks who can render their services according to the terms agreeable between them who supports the Young Inventors , Regular Inventors and Individuals seeking Tuitions / Coaching classes . Being mentors, you are most wanted for the In-house R&D team of business houses and also by the individual inventors. They are helpful to avoid reinventing the wheel by Inventors / business houses they accelerate your way forward.

They may offer their expert services by means of designs, detailing, estimation, formulae, consultation, flow chart, specifications & standards to comply, inventions attempted in the past & present. Apart from above there are numerous mentor services right from  financial consulting ,management consulting, patent attorneys, Investment bankers ,etc.Where as mentors get an opportunity to make best use of their expertise and also earn as parallel income during their leisure times.

The greatest minds like you are most preferred option for companies to work along with their in -house R &D team on specific tasks where they lack the technology or work on your own to provide solutions for their challenges & need for innovation. You have freedom  to contribute your expertise  for many number of companies simultaneously and multiply your pay check to match your capability.

You tend to be a gold mine, since you are well verse with similar companies, who will be able to give cutting edge technologies and out of box solutions and you will get overwhelming welcome.  Mentors wanted actively participate in several invention assignments at a time, one seeing the fast phase knowledge development is happening around. They want to be felt more important for more number of time with in a short time of phase. To register click here ….

For JV / Patents / IP Licenses   


This vertical serves as a platform for existing business houses or entrepreneurs  who are  intending to raise (inviting) funds for expansion / growth  of their existing businesses or new businesses(need not be from an invented idea)  by means of  mergers & JV or you can opt for selling your firm. The funding source can be business houses willing to take over ,JV,  venture capitals or Angels. The objective of this vertical is enable a perfect match making among members. The business community also can make use of mentoring vertical.

Being an industry looking for JV / Patents / IP Licenses ,many a times you in spite of have an improved  technology, you may wish to have a safe sail by joining with a partner in the same field due to constraints in marketing net works and service networks. This vertical is a stich in time. To register click here…

For proto makers


This vertical helps for inventors to make the prototype or pilot samples for the inventors in order to facilitate the invention going forward at a mutually agreed terms between them .

At times, companies may be intending to invest on plant, machinery, resources on new projects only after succeeding the R &D.But to execute the R&D successfully they need all the above along with researchers. It becomes the chicken or Egg scenario. Companies are ready to hire greatest minds on this R&D on pay per task basis and get the blue prints. But what about execution, under such circumstances the verticals of proto makers (who are large pool of running organizations under various domain knowledge’s ) can be an ideal choice . 

Being Mfg industries / Proto makers ,Some times you might have spare capacity on your heavily invested plant & machinery, you may opt to allocate a portion for start up companies who has an immense need to utilize for their early stage manufacturing needs prior to scaling up their own plant .To register click here .


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